Eastside Paint & Wallpaper staff a full complement of certified Colour Consultants, each with extensive training from reputable manufactures like Benjamin Moore, Sansin, Old Masters, and Saman. There’s a science to placement and colour, and we can help you with breakthroughs in décor that you’ll adore.


You can always get what you need by visiting one of our two Saskatoon locations, but nothing says service better than having your own personal Colour Consultant provide evaluation and advice for your project on-site. With a vast knowledge in colour, we are able to create a portfolio with a colour storyboard that’s unique to your home or project. And best yet, you’ll be working with the same staff member all the way through, so there’s no need to waste time in re-educating newcomers to the project. 

We are well equipped to work with first-time planners, asking the right questions to cover all the bases, and listening to specific needs. We also work with designers and contractors, providing the convenience of a fully stocked inventory and hassle-free service.  

Unlike the big box stores that dabble in a little bit of everything, we are seasoned experts who focus solely in the paint and home décor industry. Whenever we order new products, we make sure our staff physically work with them rather than just read the labels. Having knowledgeable staff with hands-on experience is what sets us apart. 

Perfect your project with the personalized service of one of our Colour Consultants. It’s as easy as stopping by our stores or contacting us to set up a house call.  

Colour Consultations

in store | $40/hour
in home | $80/hour
Bonus | After your consultation appointment save 15% off 3.79L  paint purchased. One time offer.