Colour of the Year OC-117 | Simply White

Interior Examples

layered whites,
diffused light...

Surrender to the complexity of white.
In this abstract artist's townhouse, the interplay of whites and light creates nuance and subtle beauty.

striking contrasts,
bold lines...

Angles and edges become sharply defined as white
is cut with black. This digital designer's cabin conveys intent, celebrates form, as fearless, high chroma colours punctuate the black and white landscape.

white-washed walls,
hand-hewn beams...

In the ceramicist's studio, harmony reigns.
Coats of white paint refresh rustic boards and beams and take on a warm, soft glow.

energizing colour,
crisp white borders...

White frames and flatters. In this gallerist's
brownstone, white is the guide that directs the eye to multiple colour encounters.

Colour Palette