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Benjamin Moore Interior Paint "How To" Videos

Learn "How-To" Prep and Paint all areas of your home. We've been providing paint advice for 27 years in Saskatoon. We'll help select the best tools to ensure a successful paint project. 

Tools you'll need


                              Selecting the right tools


    Choosing the right paint roller

Choosing the right paint


Choosing the right paint

Choosing the right finish


              Preparing to paint

How to prepare your walls for painting

How to fill cracks and holes


Paint Tips from Benjamin Moore Colour Design Expert Sharon Grech

Decorating with 'Shadow' Benjamin Moore's 2017 Colour of the Year

How to update your teenager's bedroom

Inspired By 'Shadow': Incorporating Purple Into Sophisticated Decor

Kids' room decor project

Scott and Sharon share their design stories

The hottest paint colours for fall


How to Paint


How to cut in a room

How to paint a ceiling

How to paint interior walls


How to paint trim

How to paint interior doors

How to paint cabinets


How to paint a front door

How to paint a dry erase wall


special finishes


How to Apply Smark Dry Erase Paint

 How to Clean up

cleaning up after painting


Other Videos

Removing Mildew

How to Choose a Contractor



How to Audio Tracks

Paint Calculator

PLEASE NOTE: These calculations are not intended to give more than a rough estimate. Precise paint needs will vary according to many factors, including application method. These calculations assume 2 coats of paint and do not include the ceiling.

See how much paint you'll need

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How many

Enter "0" if there are none



Interior Paint Tools List


Surface Preparation Tools

  • Drop cloths or tarps and cleaning cloths

  • Putty knife and caulk/joint compound

  • Steel wool

  • Wire brush

  • Sandpaper

  • Tack or damp cloth

  • Painter's tape

Paint Supplies

  • Primer and paint

  • Paint brushes

  • Paint roller

  • Paint paddles

  • Roller trays


interested in interior paint?


Below are some of our most frequently asked questions. If you can't find what you're looking for please give us a call at either of our locations
306-477-5555 or 306-374-8888 or complete the form below.


+ How do I know how much paint I need to buy?

This Paint Calculator will give you a good estimate of how much paint you'll need for any project.

+ How much will it cost to paint a room?

Use the Paint calculator noted above to determine gallons of paint needed. Then contact Eastside Paint and Wallpaper to discuss your project and we’ll recommend a paint and quote you the price for the project.

+ What is the industry standard for cost of painters in Saskatoon?

The cost varies based on experience. Please give us a call and we would be happy to recommend some reputable painters. We always recommend you get price quotes and references prior to starting.

+ Do you offer Paint and Primer in One?

Yes, all of Benjamin Moore’s Gennex technology paints( Aura, Aura Bath and Spa, Regal Select, Ben, Natura are self priming on most surfaces. They will act as their own primer, providing the optimal foundation for the subsequent finish coat. On bare substrates such as new drywall two coats are required; previously painted surfaces can be finished with 1 or 2 coats.

Special Note: For certain deep colours, Aura® Colour Foundation must be used to achieve maximum hide and the desired topcoat colour. Consult with us.

Plaster/Wallboard Finish: 1 or 2 coats of Aura® Matte Finish (K522)

+ When do I need to prime before painting?

We recommend you prime for the following substrates:

Wood and Engineered Wood Products: Primer: For non-bleeding woods, use Fresh Start® MultiPurpose.

Latex Primer (F023) or High-Hiding All Purpose Primer (K046).

For bleeding woods such as cedar and redwood, use Fresh Start® Multi-Purpose Oil Based Primer (F024).

Finish: 1 or 2 coats of Aura® Matte Finish (K522).

Rough or Pitted Masonry Primer: Super Spec® Masonry Interior/Exterior Hi-Build Block Filler (K206)

Finish: 1 or 2 coats of Aura® Matte Finish (K522).

+ How long does paint need to dry before painting 2nd coat?

1-2 hours dry time for Benjamin Moore paint -Aura, Aura Bath & Spa, Regal Select, Natura and Ben.

+ How to paint over cement?

For Smooth Poured or Precast Concrete: Finish: 1 or 2 coats of Benjamin Moore Paint.

+ How to paint Galvanized Steel?

Non-Ferrous Metal (Galvanized & Aluminum) All new metal surfaces must be thoroughly cleaned with Oil & Grease Emulsifier Corotech® V600 to remove contaminants. New shiny non-ferrous metal surfaces that will be subject to abrasion should be dulled with very fine sandpaper or a synthetic steel wool pad to promote adhesion. Primer: Not required on properly prepared surfaces Finish: 1 or 2 coats of Aura® Matte Finish (K522).

+ How to paint Steel or Iron?

Ferrous Metal (Steel and Iron) Primer: Super Spec HP® Acrylic Metal Primer (KP04), Super Spec HP® Alkyd Metal Primer (KP06) or Fresh Start® Rust Inhibitive Primer (K163) Finish: 1 or 2 coats of Benjamin Moore.

+ Can I Paint match Benjamin Moore colour chip in a competitors product?

Benjamin Moore’s authentic  paint colours can only be made in Benjamin Moore Paint. Mismatched colours are often not evident until the paint is on the walls, and the results can be disappointing. Competitors may claim they can match Benjamin Moore colours, but the truth is that they can't. You can only get true Benjamin Moore colours using Benjamin Moore paint. The reason lies in our manufacturing process. Our paints are created using proprietary colorants and resins and formulated with our patented waterborne technologies. This highly controlled system ensures the quality of Benjamin Moore paints and the purity of our colours. When a competing store offers to match a Benjamin Moore colour, their scanner simply provides its "best guess" for matching the colour using another paint, generic colorants and a different tinting system. While it may be close, the final result is not the colour you spent days or weeks deciding upon. In other words, it's a knockoff. Be sure that the colour you picked is the colour you get.


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