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"How to" Stain Deck, Fences, Siding

Exterior Stain Walk-through Videos

Stain Your Deck Quickly And Easily

How to Restore and Protect A Weathered Deck

Stain Siding Or Shingles Easily

Pressure Plus Wood Treatment

Exterior Stain Tool List

  • Stain (selected for the specific application)

  • Sansin Woodstrip, Woodwash or Muliwash - if required

  • High quality brush (preferably Chinex bristle or Corona)

  • Flood coat type sprayer ("Juicebox" or generic garden type sprayer)

  • Low pressure garden hose

  • Paint scraper

  • Painter's tape

  • Rags

  • 60-80 grit Sandpaper

  • Wire brush

  • Appropriate clothing, covering the legs, feet, hands and arms


Selecting Colours

Selecting Colours

Whether you choose from our family of penetrating transparent finishes or from our collection of solid hide colours, Sansin Enviro Stains deliver exceptional beauty that lasts. Our transparent finishes – available in a range of tones from Naturals all the way to our powerful Ultra-Saturated line – are renowned for their ability to enhance the character of wood with remarkable clarity, depth and crisp, clean color. And our solid hide colours are equally renowned for their purity of colour and their exceptional UV and fade-resistant qualities.

The secret to beautiful colour

We’ve harnessed the power of nano technology to create colour like you’ve never seen before. An innovative process atomizes the highest quality pigments into tiny particles so incredibly fine – less than a billionth of a meter – that they combine with the protective oils and resins in Sansin Enviro Stains on a molecular level. Once applied to your home or deck, Sansin’s penetrating stains carry the pigmentation down into the wood for uniform colour that is so vibrant and long-lasting it has to be seen to be truly appreciated.

Sansin Coverage Chart


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