Why use Eastside Paint and Wallpaper Preferred Professional Painters?



Eastside Paint will only recommend the best painter for your specific job. Everyone has their specialty and, rest assured, you can trust the recommendation from owner Ken Zurowski. Your satisfaction effects their reputation and the company has been going strong for more than 25 years. Don’t hire just anyone from Kijiji or an online directory because they may be gone tomorrow.



Our Preferred Professional Painters can guarantee a quicker, higher-quality and more accurate paint job than you could do yourself. Save time and keep your sanity! Our painters know the best and fastest ways to prepare walls before painting - removing wallpaper, refinishing plaster, sanding, spackling, and priming for the best results.



Years of experience in the paint industry make our recommended painters efficient. They can spot problem areas and fix them so you are not simply putting a bandaid on the problem.

Award Winning Paint and Stain

Our trusted Professional Painters have been using Benjamin Moore’s award winning paint for years.  It’s not only the experience but the quality paint and they will recommend the Benjamin Moore paint or stain meet your needs.

Tools and Equipment

Our recommended Painters come equipped with all the tools; brushes, rollers, trays, ladders, drop cloths, paint pails, painter’s tape, prep materials and sanding equipment for professional results. Don’t reach for that old brush you used 10 years ago! The bristles or roller sleeve may have dried up and will create unwanted markings when applying the paint. A cart full of tools can get expensive fast and the best part is that you don’t have to clean them at the end of the day.

Eastside Paint Benjamin Moore Certified Colour Consultants stand out from the competition as they are the
the best trained in the industry. Not sure how to choose the right paint colours?

Eastside Paint colour experts will help you choose the right paint colours and finishes the first time, saving everyone time, labor and expenses. A trained colour professional will make colour schemes suggestions that blend with adjacent rooms, and recommend colours that will complement new or existing décor. Our hourly rates colour consultation rates are are $40/hour in store or $80/ hour in your home.

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