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+ Classic 1

High-performance penetrating finish for log homes.


+ Classic 2

High-performance penetrating finish for log homes.


+ Classic 3

High-performance penetrating finish for log homes.


+ Classic Naturals Top Coat

Highly water-repellent finish and maintenance coat.



Penetrating one-coat finish for exterior wood. Exceptionally versatile protection for siding, logs, decks and fences. Beautiful, durable, highly water-repellent, breathable and UV-resistant.


+ ENS Naturals Top Coat

A clear top-coat for natural wood tones. Engineered as a top-coat finish or as a long-lasting maintenance coat for Natural ENS base colors. Resistant to wear, highly UV stable and loaded with UV inhibitors to prevent discoloration.


+ SDF Top Coat

Enhanced protection in either clear or solid color. For additional protection, top coat with this clear base tinted to your project specifications. Enhances base coats with a more saturated, finish in either clear or solid color formulas.


+ Foundation

Invisible penetrating wood treatment that protects and stabilizes logs, timbers and laminated lumber. Dramatically improves top coat performance for clear or light wood tones; pre-treat or use on site.



Penetrating two-coat protection for decks. Perfect for all kinds of wood – pressure-treated, cedar, pine and more. Easily applied, easily maintained, exceptionally beautiful. Won’t crack, peel or blister.

+ Aqua-gard

One coat protection for concrete and masonry. Water-repellant coating engineered to protect new and existing above-ground concrete and masonry from weather damage.


Beautiful premium finish for any project, new or old. Enhances the beauty of almost any wood surface with an exceptionally tough, durable finish. Highly resistant to wear and UV – available in satin or gloss.


Eastside Paint & Wallpaper in Saskatoon has been providing exterior stain advice for 27 years. We'll help you select the best Sansin exterior stain product for your deck, fence, siding or log home, suggest the best tools and walk you through the prep and application steps to ensure a successful project.