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REGAL® Select Waterborne Interior Paint

Regal Select offers the premium performance and smooth application you've come to expect from our classic paint, with the added benefits of cutting-edge new technologies. Thanks to our proprietary waterborne resins and zero VOC colourants, Regal Select is both a paint and primer in one advanced formula.


  • Regal Select Features Paint and Primer Together

  • Easy Application

  • Highly Washable

  • Low VOC, Low odour

  • Excellent Hide

  • Traditional flat finish for moderate-traffic areas and ceilings

  • Provides a Mildew Resistant Coating

Available in these finishes: Flat, Eggshell, Pearl, Semi-gloss

Tools Needed


All Purpose Professional Roller Covers

The Benjamin Moore all-purpose roller cover is a money-saving choice for fast, smooth results. The shed-resistance fabric works with all paints, enamels, and primers.


Soft Nylon/Polyester Professional Brushes

A unique formulation gives Benjamin Moore soft nylon/polyester professional paintbrushes extra flex. They provide a smooth appreciation with fewer brush marks and excellent paint capacity. The custom blend is a recommended for all Benjamin Moore paints.


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